Innovative... We are not a traditional law firm. Like you, we are entrepreneurs in the practice of law. We have redefined law firms through eliminating the need for an office space, secretaries, junior associates and in turn, have passed these cost savings on to you. We are also innovative in our approach to problem-solving. We think outside of the box to solve complex legal issues.

Expert... Clients say that as a small company client in a large law firm, they often get a first or second year associate assigned to handle their matters and do not have ready access to senior lawyers. Trained by top-tier law firms, we provide partnership level services directly to you without the redundant layers of secretaries and associates. When you call us, a senior lawyer will answer your call and answer your questions.

Efficient... By keeping our overhead to a minimum, we provide high-quality legal services to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms. This means that you will not get a secretary who takes a message or a junior lawyer who learns on your dollar. This also makes us more efficient lawyers for you as it allows us to work closer with your company and learn about your business. We provide legal services that make business sense — from both a cost and efficiency perspective.

International... We understand the cultural gaps that make or break a deal. We are trained by top-tier international law firms, practice internationally as lawyers, and understand the cultural differences in contract negotiation. For example, we understand that in China, you have to get the approval of the right person in the company to finalize a deal. While in countries like Japan and Germany, decisions are made collectively in teams. Knowing who makes the final decisions is an integral part of contract negotiation.

Business-smart... We take a pragmatic and business approach to the practice of law and do not just negotiate contracts in a vacuum. As we have worked as in house counsels for companies likes yours, we understand the business issues faced by Board and management. We pass our years of commercial law knowledge, how law is applied to the daily business practice, to you.

Collaborative... We take a cooperative approach to our law practice. We see us as partners to your business, as we learn and grow with your business. We listen to your feedback, and we tailor our services, including our fee structure, to meet your needs. We learned a long time ago that any successful business relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. The fact that most of our clients have been with us for many years is very telling about how we work with you.