It was 2002. I had left the international law firm I worked for and was working as an in house lawyer when I received a call from a former client. The client asked me if I could review contracts on a regular basis for his company. I immediately referred him to the firm I once worked for. It was the client who then educated me…

He replied that the firm is not his lawyer, I am. I worked with his company and knew his company's business. He wanted an experienced lawyer who can work closely with his company on a daily basis. It did not make sense for him to pay the traditional law firm rates. He needed partner level skills at an associate's rates.

The client's call educated me on the need for high-quality, cost-efficient legal services. With this innovative idea backed by practical business advice, I founded Su Legal Group to address the gaps in legal services that the market demanded and still demand.

Like you, we are entrepreneurs in the practice of law. By keeping our overhead to a minimum through eliminating the use of an office, staff, and junior lawyers, we pass these savings in the rates we charge you. In turn, we provide high-quality legal services to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms.
This also means that you have direct access to a partner level attorney and not a junior lawyer who learns on your dollar. Our business structure allows us to be better lawyers for you because it allows us to work closer with you and learn your business. We simply provide legal services that make business sense.

Our expertise ranges from general corporate to emerging growth to technology licensing to employment law advice. Generally, these are the types of services an in house counsel will provide. As many companies do not have their own legal department, we are in essence an "external" in-house counsel for you. For companies with their own in-house counsel, we support the in-house counsel in a wide range of services.

We have represented our clients on a single commercial contract to multiple venture and debt financings. The deal amounts range from thousands to millions of dollars across multiple continents. Our clients are domestic and international companies in both high tech and traditional industries. With our broad expertise, we customize our legal services to fit your needs.